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AustRisk is a modern day niche risk and insurance facility manager, focusing on innovative Marine, liability and self-insurance solutions for ;

  • Cargo owners (Importers, Exporters and local Distributors).
  • Fresh produce exporters and distributors
  • Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Couriers, Removal Companies and the like.
  • Commodity Traders
  • Boat builders, boat owners and ship repairers
  • Banks and/or financial institutions assisting companies with international trade.
  • Insurance brokers requiring specialist skills.
  • Medium to large companies requiring self insurance services.

 AustRisk's modern day & innovative approach is derived from our principle that;

"Protecting a business against risk is traditionally seen as
cost, but AustRisk embraces risk to work to it's customers
advantage. AustRisk applies its niche market expertise to
provide business solutions to risk that transform risk into

AustRisk and Innovation

The AustRisk Team has joint experience in the following
industries :

  • Marine, liability and Hull insurance
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Insurance broking
  • Risk management, Risk finance and self insurance strategies,


providing the team with an acute and unique
understanding of risk and insurance
in it's chosen
industry sector.


It is these skills that allow our team to understand your business and its risks so that we are able to negotiate with the insurance market and propose innovative solutions to our existing and prospective customers.

We selectively deal with high security Insurance
and/or facilities that understand our strategy,
act like partners and have complimentary expertise in our
niche. Through joint planning we are in a position to provide
value added services to our customers, which differentiate us from general and traditional insurance brokers.

An intergrated service delivery philosophy
the insurance company and /or facility allows AustRisk to control all the processing required for claims, premium,
risk profiling/audits, quotations, statistics, policy issuing and the like.
Managing and controlling the processing allows AustRisk to be more responsive than it's general and traditional competitors.

A structured analysis of your risk profile (known as a risk audit) allows AustRisk to significantly improve your overall Insurance program by reducing expenditure, and/or restructuring your policy and/or improving the service deliverables in a manner more suitable to your business requirements.

Our clients deal with us as business partners for our ability to add value in understanding and providing business solutions to their risk.

As a philosophy AustRisk does not have customers whom they can not add value to.