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NAVLOS is a cargo protection facility for logistics companies, freight forwarders, customs brokers, removalists, couriers and the like, that;

1) Covers your contractual liability risks assumed by your standard trading terms (e.g. Bill of Ladings, Airway Bill, consignment notes and the like)

2) Enables your organization to on-sell (via the internet) high security cargo insurance to your customers at a competitive premium and wide scope of policy coverage.


NAVLOS enables your organisation to legally share in a portion of the overall earnings generated from the insurance premiums that your organisation sells, thereby providing additional revenue.

NAVLOS provides rebates in premiums via an incentive mechanism that rewards you for reducing your claims.

NAVLOS provides you with a claims manager who will on your behalf assist you with documenting, valuing and negotiating your (or your customers) claim settlement with the insurance company.






NAVLOS extends to include coverage for your customers ' storage risks

NAVLOS allows customers to insure their policy excess/deductible if required.

NAVLOS provides your customers with access to a team of highly skilled professionals that add value by:

1. Accompanying you to customer meetings to facilitate the on selling of cargo insurance.

2. Being accessible to provide cargo insurance quotations and/or legal liability insurance advice.

3.Competently handling all your legal liability and customers cargo insurance claims.

4. Conducting workshops in order to train your staff on liability risk and cargo insurance matters.

5. Providing Premium and claims statistics to keep you aware of the performance of your cargo protection facility.